Intuitive Expertise


"I was so lucky to meet Paul as his expertise and help has enabled me to race two historic cars at wonderfull meetings at home and abroad including Goodwood (2007 and 2009) and Monaco (2008). It is unlikely that I would have even contemplated buying the 1953 ex Stirling Moss Cooper-Alta Special (pictured right at Goodwood 2007) if I couldn't have called upon Paul to prepare and maintain it for me.
Sorting the problems as they occured and developing a superb car to race - now producing the results it deserves - is due to his efforts.
As an example of the way he always looks out for me, at Dijon when he drove the Alta to the collecting area he thought he heard the faintest rumble from the engine and persuaded me not to race - a very hard decision. At home when the engine was examined he found a sheared flywheel. This undoubtedly saved the not only the engine, but also thousands of pounds and possibly my legs!


My other car, a 1955 sports racing Parson MG (pictured right at Goodwood in 2009) has required constant attention to numerous major problems (including the engine and suspension) but Paul's methodical and innovative approach working through them has produced another reliable and competitive racing car.


I have been profoundly impressed with his analytical approach and can not thank him enough for his work in the garage and at the track where his support is indespensible. All in all he's a good man to look after my cars and what's more he's good fun, good company and most importantly good value."
--David Clewley, May 2010, Shropshire, UK